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Indian Super League – Successful First Season

Indian Super League – Successful First Season

While many were questionable and unsure of the Indian Super League when the league was first announced. Many believed the buzz would not last and top players in the world would stick to playing in more established leagues such as the Premier and Champions League. To the surprise of many of the doubters, the inaugural season for the Indian Super League turned out to be a great one. Many of the teams are owned by actors and cricket stars of India including Sachin Tendulkar, John Abraham and many more. 

With the second season to be underway in October, many players are looking to transition to the Super League due to the outcry of support it received initially. Players from the Premier League are looking to head over to India to play with teams, and the Indian Super League owners are welcoming these stars with open arms.

Team owners and representatives of the Indian Super League took a trip to Europe to speak with organizers of the Premier League to help with ways to grow. Joining the group which visited was indian actor, John Abraham, owner of NorthEast Utd. They made several stops on this trip to get a good gauge of how teams are running their organizations and development teams.

The eight teams all agreed the most inspiring portion of the trip was their trip to visit the Arsenal Gunners. Andy Knee, the vice-president at IMG explained, “The Indian Super League and its eight clubs enjoyed a very educational and inspiring visit to Arsenal. With a fantastic first season now behind us it was a great opportunity to learn from one of the world’s great clubs as to how they connect with and engage their fans.”

With the English Premier League’s help, the Indian Super League expects great growth in the next few years due to the popularity of the sport. Over 90 million Indians are fans of the sport, which should help the two leagues work in unison for a successful future.